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Lease It -Support Numbers

Support Person / Tool
Support Path
When to Use:
SHO Process Documentation
Hometown&OutletConnect > Ops > Financial Services > Leasing
Go here for Process Steps
(Ringing & Returns)

Never ring a cash refund unless directed by SHO Operations team.
SHOS Support Help Ticket & Knowledge Base Articles
SHOS Support > Sears Credit/Financial Services / Why Not Lease It (WNLI)
Go here for help with specific transactions or for items that are not Lease eligible.
Lease It Field Sales Manager
(See chart below for contact information)
Lease Sales Training
Lease It Customer Service
Provide this number to customers who have questions about their lease. (24/7 support)

Customer wanting to refund or cancel within the 30-day refund policy and wants to get refunded the down payment, customer also has the option to call WNLI customer service line to get credited back via ACH and not check for a 24-48-hour turnaround direct to their account — (customer needs to be present)
Lease It Store Support
(Not for customers)
Use this line for an increase when a PA is added to a lease, or to obtain a new approval code when a customer returns or cancels a previous lease or opens a 2nd lease . (You will need to provide the refund salescheck).

(Supported during open SHO store hours.)

Do not take ringing direction from the Lease It Customer Care Rep.
PACE Rewards Support
(855) 349-2727 or email support@pacerewards.com
Go here for help with the PACE reward site www.sho.pacerewards.com
or questions about your PACE account.
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