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Leasing 991 Items in HTS / HAS (Rev. 03/16/17)

An issue has been discovered with items appearing on the 991 table in Dealer and Showrooms stores. As a result, these items are being blocked from the Leasing process. The issue only affects 991 items, in these two formats.

991 Merchandise represents less than 1% of saleable inventory. While we continue work to resolve the issue, please ensure you are not offering the lease option to your customer on these items.

Items that are listed as 991 should NOT be removed from the table in order to allowing leasing. Any price override on 991 merchandise removed from the table will be subject to commission adjustments per current policies and direction from the format.

Visit the Finance page of Operations for additional information about the Lease It program and processes. https://hometownoutletconnect.com/Home/Operations/FinancialServices.aspx

ETA on fix is May.
Update & Next Steps:
Merchandise is flagged at the item level for leasing availability.
If you experience issues with non-991 items, please open a SHO Support ticket so the flag can be enabled.

Creation date: 4/14/2017 11:31 AM      Updated: 4/14/2017 11:33 AM
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