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Lease It -PACE Rewards for Sale People


Enrollment Process:
  • Individuals enroll at www.sho.pacerewards.com & complete the short enrollment form. You will need to provide a unique email address and your SHO POS store number
  • Start earning rewards by submitting a valid lease ID
  • Each participant can submit claims, check pending rewards, processed rewards, access our support team and review upcoming promotions
  • At any time participants can login, check their dashboard, and update their personal account information
A reloadable card will be sent to you within 8-10 business days.

How to Submit a Lease:
  • Participants will receive $5 for every verified lease submitted.
  • To claim a reward, enter the lease approval ID at www.sho.pacerewards.com on the Rewards page.
  • Lease approvals need to be submitted within 90 days of the approval date to receive the reward.

Rewards are funded to each PACE rewards card every Friday for claims submitted the prior week.

Participants who receive in excess of $600 in rewards will be provided a 1099 form for tax reporting.
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