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Lease It FAQs

What does this POS message mean?
Item Not Leasable
Durable goods may be leased. Flags are built at an item level. In some cases, the flag may have been missed. In these cases, the SHC Financial Services team will need to review the item flag.
A SHOS Support ticket should be opened & we will ask our partners at SHC to verify the flag status.
(Note: At this time, there is an issue with 991 merchandise & the leasing option in HTS/Has stores that prevents these items from being leased. A fix in in progress.)

Authorizer cannot verify recurring payment type...Ask customer for an alternate payment option OR Use Another Form of Payment
This message can occur when LEASE IT is not able to confirm approval for the reoccurring payment option.
In these cases the customer will need to provide a different card or checking number for approval.
Checks are not allowed for initial payment. Pin Debit is not allowed for recurring lease payments.
If a bank debit card or credit is not allowed for recurring lease payments, the customer will have to follow up with his or her bank to determine why. If you try to use a personal check for a recurring payment and it does not process successfully, then try it again on the e-reader. This will prompt to enter the checking account info manually. Some checks are not being processed with the e-reader but will be processed once manually entered.

Not able to approve at this time: Have the customer contact the phone number provided.

Lease Application Requires Additional Information: The store should contact Lease It

System Unavailable: This message does not necessary mean that the system is unavailable. (Do not contact the systems help desk).
Due to the number of potential error messages, and the limit in the current SHC POS system, this message is used to cover a number of issues. The vast majority of pre-approved leases will go through and be approved without Lease It requesting additional information from the customer. However, based on individual circumstances and the information that was provided to Lease It, there will be instances for example, where the customer will be asked to verify income.
In other cases, WNLI may not be able to verify the customer’s identity or income and the customer may not be approved. (Even if the customer was preapproved).The store should ensure all information is entered correctly as outlined in the process document.

Can a customer return merchandise that has been leased?
Yes, leased merchandise may be returned to SHO if it is within our return policy period.
For leased merchandise outside of our return policy period, the customer will need to contact LEASE IT.
(Note: LEASE IT requires the customer to complete a 5 month min. payment period before they will accept the return)

What are the customer's options once they complete the minimum 5 month payment terms with LEASE IT?
Once the customer has completed the 5 month min. terms, they may 1) Continue to Lease, 2) Purchase the merchandise from LEASE IT, or 3) Return the merchandise to LEASE IT (not SHO).
Customers may also contact Lease It to inquire about the “EPO” for 30 and 90 days Early Purchase options.

TEMPOE/WNLI recently partnered with TEMPOE Financial, LLC (a/k/a “FlexPay”) to create a way for customers in NJ, VT, WI, and WV to purchase their leased merchandise by converting their lease into an installment loan. FlexPay specializes in installment loan financing with convenient monthly payments.
Program Benefits
• Instant decision on the application
• Convenient monthly payments
• Approvals of $600-$2500
• Early payoff options
• Credit reporting

How do I return merchandise on a lease?
Follow the process document posted on Hometown & Outlet Connect.
The refund should be credited to the lease ID on the original transaction.
Funds should never be put on a credit card or given to the customer in cash.LEASE IT will refund the customer in 7-10 days.If however you have an issue with a refund that results in a cash shortage, open a SHOS Support Ticket for assistance.

If SHO rings the refund at POS, then SHO is responsible for ensuring the merchandise is returned to us.
(LEASE IT will only pick-up returns for merchandise that has met the 5 month min. terms requirement. In these cases, LEASE IT will handle the transactions -no SHO POS transaction should be rung.)

Please refer to additional documents on Hometown and Outlet Connect > Operations > Financial Services for more information on Lease It.
Creation date: 12/27/2016 12:09 PM      Updated: 3/14/2018 9:25 AM
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