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Store Number Not Recognized in Store Stock Scheduler

If a store receives an error message in the Store Stock Scheduler "Please enter valid store number" when they enter their POS store number, the store number must be reset in NPS:

  • Launch NPS:
    • In TEFE  launch  PROD_SVC NPS--C2
  • On the “Sign-on is complete” page type  “PS30” and press Enter
  • Enter the Unit number (Service District from store list)
  • Enter Associate ID  8779  and press Enter
  • Select 1 Operating and press Enter
  • Select 1 Customer/shop service creation and press Enter
  • Select Action Code 3=Inquiry then key the Store phone number and press Enter
  • If multiple profiles appear, scroll to find the appropriate “Sears Hometown Store” profile, key the line number and press Enter
  • Tab once to the Command line and enter 2=View cust menu and press Enter
  •  Type selection number 1 View/update above customer then press Enter
  • Tab to the Store # field at the bottom of the page and key the POS store number preceeded by 3 zeroes then press Enter  (example “0003085”)
You should see the "R0105 Request successfully processed" message indicating that the store number has been successfully reset.
Creation date: 11/11/2021 2:51 PM (jeff.mcdowell@htstores.com)      Updated: 11/11/2021 2:51 PM