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SHOS Support Access Help

As of Monday, September 14th; we have made 1 change to the way tickets are submitted. We are no longer allowing users to submit tickets without logging in due to the many issues this has created with regards to the support experience. Below are a few examples of issues highlighted by submissions without logging in to SHOS Support:

· A user accidentally enters an invalid email address and as a result never gets a response unless we are able to identify and correct before replying
· A ticket is submitted with an unauthorized email address (such as a personal gmail or yahoo, rather than an @shos.com) that we are unable to use to properly identify the submitter, their store or their format resulting in a delayed ticket response and reducing the quality of support ticket reporting
· Company stores:
o In our Outlet and Appliance & Hardware Stores, SHOS Support ticket submission is limited to the Store Manager and Assistant Manager per the ids outlined below.
§ If their firstname.lastname@shos.com email is properly mapped to their assigned generic id (outlined below) and they do not know their password, they can simply click forgot password on the SHOS Support login page and enter their firstname.lastname@shos.com to receive a new password.
§ If management has changed roles, they can submit the SHOS Support Access Request form to request assistance updating their access to SHOS Support.
o In company Hometown and HA Showroom stores, the generic dsXXXX id and email should be used for all SHOS Support tickets.

To access the tool if you do not know your password, click on the Forgot password link on the login page, enter your email address and click OK. See below for Username/Email information for your format.

Email – Dealer/Franchise Stores
Email – Company Stores
Hometown Stores (Dealer)
HA Showrooms
Appliance & Hardware
Store Manager’s – firstname.lastname@shos.com*
Assistant Manager’s - firstname.lastname@shos.com*
Outlet Stores
Store Manager’s – firstname.lastname@shos.com*
Assistant Manager’s - firstname.lastname@shos.com*

You will receive an email with your temporary password, then when you log in you can follow these instructions to update your password to a password of your choice.
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