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Lexmark Printer Servicing / Toner Replenishment (FlexPrint)

Printer Toner & Supplies
  • Automated Toner Alerts will be used for devices that are connected to the network.
  • Automated alerts will be triggered to FlexPrint’s Supply team when the toner cartridges indicates 20% remaining.
  • FlexPrint’s Supply Team will create a toner order which will arrive at the store in 3 or 4 business days.
    • Wait until toner levels hit 0% to replace toner cartridge
  • For devices that are local or not able to connect to network please place an order via email or phone: orders@flexprintinc.com (888) 353-9774

Best Practices
  • Be sure to leave your printer turned on. This will ensure the automated scans capture your toner levels for automatic toner orders.
  • Please change only the cartridge that is need of replacement. If you replace all of the cartridges within the same device before empty, valuable toner will be wasted.
  • Be sure to use the toner cartridge that was sent for that specific device based on the FlexPrint ID tag.
    • Please know the ID # on printer & issue you are experiencing 
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