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Help Ticket Tips!

Important Tip Regarding Support

·         All store tickets must be opened under the generic dsXXXX account for the store which is tied to the storeXXXX@htstores.com email.

§  This is important to help us quickly identify what store the ticket is for as well as to ensure all users with access to the store mailbox can receive/access updates related to the ticket.

·         Avoid Personal Email/Phone Calls: The below support avenues should be used as your primary vehicles for support. By using the appropriate support avenue, it will allow us to quickly expedite requests to the correct person and it also provides us information regarding potential global issues. 

Customer Facing Issues (DO NOT OPEN A HELP TICKET)

·         Live support (calls or chat) should be used where a response is required immediately or at least within 24 hours to address a specific customer experience issue.

§  For ALL Technical/Systems issues, the systems help desk should be contacted by calling 1-877-742-6948 option 6.

§  Tickets may also be submitted online via SysAid, but calls are preferred for systems issues to ensure the fastest routing for resolution.

Creation date: 5/4/2020 9:23 AM (astauf1)      Updated: 5/4/2020 9:23 AM
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