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Hybrid Delivery -Request The Delivery Manifest (Preliminary and Final)

How To Request The Delivery Manifest (Preliminary and Final)


  • Call 1-800-803-6455
  • You’ve reached Sears Home Delivery.
  • You will be prompted “Para Español o prima el dos”.  If 2 is not selected the call will default to English
  • You will be prompted “For DCSO or MDO Reports Enter your Passcode”  4211   

                If you do not enter your passcode you will be prompted “To access Reports enter your passcode”   4211

  • You will be prompted “Enter the Ship Via Number”    8xxx
  • You will be prompted “Enter the Report Number or press * for a list of Reports”   
    1. Delivery Manifest – This is what you want to select for both the Preliminary and the Final
    2. Supplements Manifest
    3. Dispatchers Manifest
    4. Manual Order or Dock Change
    5. Dock Assignment
    6. Dock Merchandise Summary
    7. City Truck Summary
    8. NA
    9. Returns Checklist
    10. Ticket Contingency
    11. Driver VRU


  • Select the appropriate day for the required Delivery Manifest
    1. Yesterday – Keep in mind that you cannot close a delivery after the scheduled delivery date
    2. Today – Select this option each morning for the Final Delivery Manifest
    3. Tomorrow – Select this option each evening for the preliminary Delivery Manifest.  (Select this in the evening prior to the delivery date to obtain a Preliminary Manifest).


  • Select Fax Destination for Report
    1. To have this report faxed to your default Fax Number, Press 1.   (The fax number you supplied to Routing during the onboarding process)
    2. To fax it to a different fax number Press 2  (This can be used if the default fax number is not working)

·         Starting with the area code, enter the 10 digit fax number  (Enter the fax number  NPA-NXX-XXXX.  Do not enter a 1 in front of the number)


If you call in to request your manifest and you do not receive it within 10 minutes, follow these instructions:

·         Check the Open Order Report posted on HTS Connect to make sure you have deliveries scheduled for the day.  You may need to check the most recent report.

·         Check each order in SCIM to make sure there are open orders.  If you are checking the night before the scheduled delivery, the Status should show as an Open or Released Order.   If you check the day of the scheduled delivery, the order Status should show Released.  If the order status is Cancelled, it should not be delivered.

·         If it is still a valid order, then double check your fax machine to ensure it is fully operational.


If there are stops and you cannot get the manifest via the 800 number fax process, you need to contact the MDO. 
Michael Tomaka is the contact.  The MDO can access EHDS and manually fax the manifest via the EHDS Report application.


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