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How do I Create a Store Hours Sign in RES?

Store Hours Sign Printing Instructions
A special sign template is available in the RES system which allows stores to print their specific store hours (according to your contract).
RES instructions are provided below.
1. Select “Create A Sign” from the RES tool bar
2. Select Layout type: W4W‐7x5.5 White
3. Select Style type: CAS‐Store Hours W4
1. Enter the store’s opening and closing times as hh:mm‐hh:mm (Example: 10:00‐9:00) Do not use AM or PM designations
4. Enter Print Quantity
5. Click Add
6. Click Update Preview to view sign before printing
7. To print clicking the check box next to the sign at the bottom of the screen
8. Click Print to print sign
9. Follow the RES prompt, but substitute copier paper for the S1
Place the hours insert into the top slot of the hour sign