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Where do I go for RES Help?

Below you will find the correct path for assistance based on the issue you are having for signing.

PRICING ISSUES: Call the Price Help Desk at 1-888-877-4230

MISSING SIGNS, SIGN SIZE, OR CONTENT ISSUES: (specific div/item examples required) :
Help Ticket (Old System) > Sears Signing > Missing Signs/Wrong Size - Appropriate Business

PROCESS QUESTIONS: SHOS Support > Signing System (RES)

SYSTEM ISSUES: Call the Systems Help Desk at 877-742-6948 OR open a ServiceNow (https://sears.service-now.com) ticket.

LEXMARK PRINTER / TONER ISSUES: Contact Hometown Solutions Help Desk at 1-800-827-1350
SHOS Support >Selling & Customer Experience > Equipment (CTT, Scanner, Lexmark printer)

Refer to the RES Process documents on HOC for more information on RES and RES Processes.

HOC > Operations > Core Processes > RES