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How do I research or correct a Mail Bank?

In order to research the status of a mail bank check, you will need to locate the check number and submit a request to DS Forms.
To find the check number, review your Mech R&D paperwork (Mechanized R&D Final Audit Report) which auto prints in your store two days after the refund transaction date. The customer’s name will be listed along with a check number.

Once you have that information, go to Hometown & Outlet Connect > Quick Links > Forms > Accounting > Dallas Accounting Center Check Inquiry

You have the option of voiding the check on this form or requesting the address be changed.
By submitting the request directly you will ensure the response comes directly to you without delay.

When the information on the check is invalid or incorrect, the check must be voided and you will need to follow up with them for assistance then after check has been voided process with correct customers information. 
Phone: 1-888-570-6158 DSFORMS@searshc.com

1) Ring the return or cancellation as cash on the receipt write mail bank check 
2) Ring a sale in miscellaneous service key >other account 150082 
3) Complete the LDR form located on Hometown Outlet Connection >Quick links>Forms>Accounting> Request Large Dollar Refund Over $200. When you complete the form make screen print of the form for your records and inform the customer that they will receive the check in 7-10 Business days.