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Transaction Rang on register 778 by corporate caused posted cash to be short in store 3723


Transaction 037237781594 was rang by someone outside the store.  The transaction was rang as check.  This caused store 3723 to be short on their bank deposit by the $1582.77.  How can we get this corrected?  Thanks

NPOS714                   Item Detail Display               12/06/18 16:48:42
                             SC# 037237781594

  Name:                                     H:               W:
  Sales Date  : 12/04/18    Sale Amount:    1582.77   Total Amount:   1582.77
  Time of Sale: 15:34:23    Reductions :        .00   Tax Amount  :       .00
  Transfer to Store:                                  Balance Due :       .00

  Type an x by the Division number.  Then press the desired Fkey.

  Sel    Gft Rec Dt    Div   Item/Sku    Description   Quantity     Amount
  ---    ----------    ---   --------    ------------  --------    ---------
                             092010      Misc Account  0001          1582.77


Hello Nicole,

This is a payment, please research. 

 Thank you!
Creation date: 12/7/2018 4:13 PM (amil142)      Updated: 12/7/2018 4:13 PM ()