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How do I know if my store has a Facebook page

Things to know:
-All locations have Facebook local business pages and are created 2 weeks prior to soft openings.
-All pages have page name and url formatted so our fans can easily find us. Formatting includes Format, City and State.

There are 2 ways to find your page:
Log into Facebook with your personal Facebook profile
1. On Facebook search bar, type your [Format] – [City, St] and select the page from the drop down menu OR
2. You can simply type the page url www.facebook.com/Sears[Format][City][St] on your internet browser. Complete link with your format, store city and st

If you find another page representing your store, please be sure to email the link to the Social Media Manager at cleal0@shos.com and let them know you found a duplicate. We will merge the duplicate page with the official page and make sure all fans are in one page.
i dont have a facebook page.pptx