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SYWR Member - How do I update SYWR member information?

  • Either inside or outside of a transaction, you can search for the customer by pressing the CLUBS key.
  • Use phone number or email address, enter the account number or scan the member’s card.
  • There are Three Options you will choose from:

1. Information Correct

2. Update Current Information

3. Incorrect Customer –selecting #1 will use existing information-selecting #3 will return to previous screen

  • To update the customer’s profile, select #2 Update Current Information.
  • If a member card has not been scanned at this point, the member will have to enter their PIN before any updates can take place. If they do not know their PIN, they cannot change their profile.
  • After the card is scanned or PIN is entered, you will be prompted to ask for an email address. After updating, press ACCEPT or TOTAL.
  • You will then be prompted again to re-enter the email address.
  • After the emails match, you will be asked for first name, last name, mobile number, zip code, street address, city, state, home phone, date of birth, and SHC Associate (Y/N).
Customers can also login to their account on SYW website to update their information themselves.
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