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Where can I find my barcodes?

Barcodes generally will print in your operational sign batch from RES a few days before the barcode starts. However, if you need to locate or reprint a barcode, they are available at the following path: RES > Operational Signs > Ads > MMDDYY > Barcodes. The MMDDYY folder represent the Sunday date for the week in which the barcode offer starts. For example, if a barcode starts on Saturday you will find it in the Barcode folder dated with the Sunday date from earlier in the week.

As a backup and for easy access, current barcodes are included in the daily Today’s Sizzling Promos emails and posted on HometownOutletConnect on the homepage under Current Barcodes.

For Select Store events: Barcodes will only be available through RES and in most cases will be communicated directly to participating stores via email as well.

Article SME: Audrey Stauffer