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Hybrid Delivery -Closing Orders

Closing Deliveries
Each hybrid delivery must be closed in the delivery system the moment the delivery has been completed. This is immediately after the delivery has been completed – before the delivery team leaves the premises. Deliveries that are not properly closed do not get triggered for payment to the Hybrid Store.

Closing the delivery will:
  • Change the order status in SCIM to “Shipped”. This is in case anyone has a question on the delivery status.
    • Note: This is why it is important for the delivery team to call and close the delivery immediately after it has been completed. It should not be closed at the end of the day. It also cannot be closed the next day.
Stores must close out each delivery. They cannot close out the first delivery listed on the manifest and assume all deliveries on the manifest will be closed. Steps to Closing the Delivery:
  • Call VRU at 1-800-964-8050
  • When prompted, enter the Route ID # from the manifest followed by the pound key(#)
    • Note: The stores’ Route ID # is available in the upper right corner of the Shipping Manifest.

  • Press 1 to Update Completed Stops
  • When prompted enter the Stop Number. The Stop Number is located on the far leftof the report next to the customername.

  • Next enter the time the stop started, followed by the AM/PM selection and the time the stop ended, followed by the AM/PM selection.
After this information is entered the system will hang up.
You must call in again to complete the next delivery when it is completed by the drivers. If the drivers forget to call them in, a separate call will need to be made for each delivery later in the day. Closing one delivery for a day does not close them all for the day.

Deliveries must be closed out the day they are scheduled. If they must be rescheduled be sure to do so before the end of the day they are currently scheduled. Call the MSO at 800-803-6455 to have the date updated.

HTS cannot process a payment for a delivery that was not called in to the system and completed.

Your assigned MDO will work the unclosed deliveries where the scheduled delivery date has passed. They will work the “Ship Confirm” documents to make sure the deliveries have been completed. They will typically contact the Hybrid store to confirm that the deliveries were completed.

Once they do, they will process the order to update its status to shipped. This is the only way to close out a delivery that was not closed out the day it was scheduled for delivery.
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