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Considering Suggested 8/14/2020 by Phil Beaudoin



New Claims and Credit Portal

Currently, the 801 is only available via a printed report on the store printer and claims for damaged, missing, etc are processed through an online survey(formstack). This new app is under review with the below goals in mind:
  1. Make 801 available online to pull up and view on demand (no more dependency on a printed report)
  2. Enable submitting claims directly from online 801
    1. Data from 801 would automatically populate on claims form reducing amount of information you would manually key
  3. Claims would submit to Warehouse for processing
  4. Claims would be reported back to auto close out submitted claims in the app
  5. Outlier reporting can be automated and provided so stores and DSMs only need to follow up on those claims that have not been processed

Phil Beaudoin
From Audrey Stauffer: Allow the store or DSM to pull past and future 801s (as available) to view truck loads.

Directly from the 801, click on an item to populate a claim.
(Also allow claim to be filled in manually online for overages where item was not on the 801.)

Show confirmation of credit received for submitted claims and create exception reporting where no credit has been received.
10/20/2020 8:57 AM
Hometown Store 3527
Receive 801 information sooner than the day before.
10/20/2020 7:06 PM
Phil Beaudoin
Thanks you store 3527. We will be publishing 801 as soon as finalized by warehouse so there is a chance it will be available sooner either in a final or near final form
10/21/2020 7:48 AM
Audrey Stauffer Tech
Depending on item/division selected and location of store submitting, auto route the claims form. This will prevent the store from mis-selecting a DDC for RRC items and vice versa.
11/25/2020 3:46 PM
Hometown Store 3255
I used a system that populated what order was and you populated what you received or did not receive and warehouse would fix RIM. And you would be able to see your credit live.
7/5/2021 10:54 AM

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