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In progress Suggested 8/14/2020 by Phil Beaudoin



New HometownConnectPortal

HometownOutletConnect was always intended as an interim solution as we had to quickly get off of SHOconnect when we separated from Outlet. The current portal is near end of life and several versions old. It is also managed by THC which limits our flexibility based on an increased dependence on others to make changes or fix issues.

New features available with the new HometownConnect Portal will include:
  • Hometown Apps Integration - we will be able to include widgets on the Homepage on pending actions for your location (store, district, region or company) including things like: customer escalations, personal shopping requests/appointments, delayed or canceled customer orders and more as we continue to build new Hometown Apps.
  • News  - we plan to begin publishing news online again so you can access and search news easily and in a timely manner.
  • Calendars - we are reviewing options for presenting event or date based information such as training, promotions, new initiative rollouts, etc in a simple calendar view

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