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New Suggested 8/14/2020 by Phil Beaudoin



New Customer Order Status Tool

This new app is being developed to centrally track and manager any customer orders that have been impacted due to a delivery delay or cancellation. The plan is for this app to replace many manual processes and reports today.

  • B2S Delivery Date Change 
  • Cancellations Performed by the CDC or RRC
  • Save the Sale Report
  • Auto Refund Exception Report
If an order has been delayed or canceled you will now be able to track and manager this in a single place on the new HometownConnect portal. 
  • You will be asked to select the Order/Item Disposition for each impacted order/item - Not Impacted, Waiting, Incented to Wait, Cancel & Reselect or Cancel
  • Based on the Order Disposition selected, you will be asked to complete additional fields:
    • For all status except Not Impacted, enter date customer contacted and customer contact notes
    • If Waiting or Incented to Wait, confirm you have updated Open HFM
      • If Incented to wait, enter the SaveaSale Salescheck
    • If Canceling, enter Refund Salescheck
    • If Reselecting, enter the New Salescheck

Phil Beaudoin
We are continuing to actively work on delivering this app, but are working through a number of data related issues first as we do not want to risk creation of duplicate refunds or unnecessary work or effort from our stores. Currently, we are trying to address the following issues before releasing: linking refund sales checks to all items on the original sales check (this will ensure we exclude cancels that have already been refunded from the report), linking refund saleschecks to the original online salescheck and excluding Same Day Voids from POS and Online sales that were never charged to the customer.
10/15/2020 10:43 AM

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