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Implemented Suggested 8/14/2020 by Phil Beaudoin



New Customer Order Inquiry Tool

This new application will enable stores to quickly look up the status of a customer order directly from the Hometown Connect Portal. Stores will not need to log in to SCIM to check on a delivery date/order status. They will simply go to Order Inquiry on Hometown Connect and enter a salescheck or customer information and click search.

This app will be integrated with another new app - the Customer Order Status tool, which will identify any customer orders that have been impacted (delayed or canceled) so appropriate action can be taken.

Phil Beaudoin
This is currently implemented using 24 hour delay Google Cloud Data from DOS, will enhance in future with real time order status directly from DOS after we get approval for project to be made a client of the OSH (Order Services Hub) for DOS.
10/8/2020 7:16 AM

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