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Implemented Suggested 8/14/2020 by Phil Beaudoin



New HTS Store List Application

Creating a new web-based application to replace the current DSlist access database. This application will be a central database for corporate teams to maintain store and contract related information. This is an infrastructure project that will serve as the source of location information for additional future apps and to assist with automating things like store hours updates.

Features included:
  • Version control - so we can have data on store records as of a specific effective date
  • Canned Reports - staff and partners can access a canned report on demand with current information
  • Filter/Search/View/Export - staff will be able to easily filter and/or search based on specific attributes, then view and export those views to excel
  • Triggered Notifications - select actions will trigger automatic notifications so the update in the app will automatically send the required information out to impacted parties.

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