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In progress Suggested 8/11/2020 by Phil Beaudoin



Customer Escalation - Customer Notifications & Request Status Interface

Currently, customers are communicated by the online agents or the store that their request has been submitted, but there is no email notification to the customer and the customer has not visibility to monitor the order status. As a result, customers call back to the call center or store for updates. 

In order to offer greater transparency with customers and reduce costs by cutting out the middle man (call center/stores), we plan to add several enhancements to improve the customer experience:
  • Request Confirmation Email - customer's will receive a request confirmation email
  • Customer Request Status Page - in above email, customer will be given a link that will take them to a request status page with an indication of received, in progress or completed. Customer will have ability to add notes requesting an update and that will automatically increment the request status.
  • Request Completed Email - customer will receive an email indicating when their request has been completed. User completing the request will be prompted to add customer notes to be included in the customer's email.

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